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What we do

Coordination of Taxation

We know them, we measure them, we plan them:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Municipality taxes
  • Withholding taxes
  • Value Added taxes
  • Subscription taxes, excises, duties
  • Deferred latency taxes.

In collaboration with industry-specific tax advisors we make sure that our customers access dividends, royalties and interests in full compliance with tax laws and latest transpositions of EU directive.

Economic Constuling

We have our clients’ ears when they feel a need to reinvest, preserve and multiply their wealth.

Bank Relations

In order to assist our customers with account opening, we build strong alliances with various reputable banks in Luxembourg and overseas. Because if there is no saying “tell me who you are banking with and I will tell you who you are”, there should be one.

But which bank should the customer on-board with: a retail bank with an appetite for credit facilities, a private bank with an emphasis on wealth management or a commercial bank with a big track record in trading?

We help our customers answer this question and pick a bank with the most appropriate profile, accompany them during the on-boarding process and set up the operations for smooth banking.

For more sophisticated and specific needs, we also partner with various institutions to facilitate mortgages, letters of credit, back-to-back loans, jet financing, escrow and correspondent account and other financial solutions that the customers of “Vallis & Pontem” require from time to time.


Business Acquisitions

Acquisition of a ready and functioning business worldwide: factories, franchise retails, hotels, venture capitals.

Private Financial Planning

Sometimes it is time to step back and have a broad look at the big picture. We put our private customers in touch with the best brokers and wealth managers to do just that.

And sometimes that big picture suggests them to diversify their investments, streamline their income, insure their lives and prepare for the retirement.

Real Estate Support

Our team has a great experience with real estate projects of different sizes and locations, from due diligence to acquisition, from conception to commercialization.

Acquisition and Due Diligence

The team of “Vallis & Pontem” assists its customers with the acquisition of any type of real estate project in Luxembourg, Germany, France, other EU countries and even worldwide. The project could be an existing commercial or residential property, a historical building or a land under development contract.

The assistance starts at the earliest stages: assessment of teasers, signature of non-disclosure agreements, preliminary negotiations and drafting of letter of intents.

Once a reservation is secured, we build up a team of in-house as well as third-party experts to start a comprehensive Due Diligence of the target.

Financial Due Diligence

  • Verification of statutory financial reporting
  • Verification of tax compliance
  • Assessment of financial feasibility of acquisition
    • Calculation of EBITDA, ROI, WACC and any other financial metrics to give a fair view to the customer
    • DCF-based valuation

Technical Due Diligence

  • Assessment
    • Structural
    • Roof
    • Façade
    • Internal areas
    • Heating, Ventilation, Cooling
    • Electrical
    • Health & Safety
    • Sanitary Installations
    • Vertical Transport
    • Third Party Certification
  • Calculation of Capital Expenditures for a 10-year horizon

 Legal Due Diligence

  • Checking of Land Registers, Property Ownership and possible encumbrances
  • Checking of neighboring agreements
  • Assessment of previous sale and purchase agreements
  • Assessment of the acquisition agreement
  • Review of zoning conditions of the property and the building permit
  • Full assessment of rental agreements
  • Screening of utilities and cross-check with all commercial rental agreements
  • Review of insurances, warranty and damage claims
  • Provision of red flag reports


After successful termination of the Due Diligence and submission of the Binding Offer our team proceeds to the final stage – financing. Should it be an equity purchase – we will advise the most efficient way to bring cash to the acquiring holding company. In case of leveraged purchase – we help our customer secure a financing from a bank or bank broker (link to Bank relations).

Set-up of Operations

Following a successful acquisition of property our team alongside with our partners set up all necessary operations to ensure that the acquired property serves its purpose:

  • Preparation of rental agreements
  • Relations with facility managers and insurance
  • Creation and monitoring of sub-accounts for rent collection and rental deposits