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What we do


We are there for our customer not only for regular reporting, but every step of the way of their business.

Administrative Support

We strongly believe that our customers should be focusing on their ideas, missions and products.

In order to have their operations run smoothly and seamlessly, we do our best to take off some burden from their shoulders by setting up all the necessary routines:

  • Verification of incoming invoices
  • Preparation of outgoing invoices
  • Setting up of billing systems
  • Creation of contracts database
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Coordination of information flow with subsidiaries

Coordination of Audit

At “Vallis & Pontem” we are strictly monitoring the thresholds of net turnover, balance sheet value and a number of employees of our customers. This allows them to plan their eligibility for an audit exemption.

According to the law of 10 august 1915 if they are eligible, a simple controlling mission called “commissaire-aux-comptes” is delegated to an independent company, otherwise – an external auditor must be appointed.

In either case we provide full support and transparency to ensure the best practices are applied in a timely fashion.

Financial Planning

Successful business leaders always look into future. At “Vallis & Pontem” we work very hard to give them metrics and quantitative analysis that they could rely their decisions on.

It is for these purposes that we regularly:

  • Prepare budgeting either focused on standalone project or total economic life of the company
  • Prepare business plans for expansions or obtainment of credits
  • Cashflow forecast to ensure short-term assets meet short-term liabilities.


Reports are our bread and butter. We prepare them for various statutory purposes as well as for pure managerial decision-making.

Managerial and Statutory Reporting

  • Preparation of interim and regular managerial reports
  • Preparation of annual statutory accounts
  • Reconciliation with third parties
  • Coordination with auditors
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts for opaque and transparent companies.

Reporting to Supervisory Bodies

Preparation and submission of declarations to:

  • Luxembourg Inland Revenue (ACD)
  • Luxembourg Registration Duties, Estates and VAT Authority (AED)
  • Central Bank of Luxembourg
  • Reports to tax authorities of other countries where the company has a permanent tax establishment
  • Intrastat/STATEC
  • Other agencies