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What we do

Human Resources

Human capital requires a lot of attention. We are there to give it all.

  • Drafting of employment agreements
  • Salary simulations
  • Calculation of paid holidays
  • Preparation of individual tax declarations
  • Change of tax class


Legal environment is a complex world that opens opportunities but can also hide caveats. Luckily for our clients we know this environment and we speak the language of lawyers.

Changes of Jurisdiction

Modern-day mobility allows decision-makers to quickly adapt to economic and regulatory changes and move their business from one country to another. As a fiduciary we help our customers change the nationality of their companies at the same time maintaining the continuity of their legal entity.

But migrating business does not end with legal steps. With the help of our partners we relocate the entire infrastructure to Luxembourg: registration of the company cars with SNCA, moving of the servers, obtainment of resident permits for the staff, put in place a full support to customer’s Human Resources and much more.


Creation and Liquidation


Tailoring a new company perfectly fit for the customer’s objectives is the first and foremost task. Here at “Vallis & Pontem” we ensure that the company is set up in a legal form just right for the shareholders’ relations, its corporate governance and regulation.

For those of shareholders who desire to fine-tune some corporate governance rules for better control and transparency of the activities, we elaborate them in the Articles of Association to ensure smooth operational, financial or investment decision-making. For complex shareholder relations, we also draft and enforce special shareholder agreements in collaboration with reliable and reputable lawfirms.

Most of the legal forms also require to pay up the capital prior to the incorporation of the company. We therefore assist our customer’s with opening of a preliminary account for the purpose of incorporation and further banking.

Once all parameters of the company are agreed upon, we only need one day to set the company up, hold a general meeting and kick-start customer’s success story.


At “Vallis & Pontem” we also help customer’s dissolve their companies once they run their course and have no reason to carry on their activities. There are several solutions to this and we advise the most appropriate of them considering the assets, liabilities and risks.

Legal Address

As per the law of 31 May 1999, “Vallis & Pontem” being a chartered-accountant firm*, provides domiciliation services to holding companies (SOPARFI), family property management companies (SPF) and specialized investment funds (FIS).

Our customers enjoy a legal address in the heart of the commune of Luxembourg – at Boulevard Royal. In addition companies which register address with “Vallis & Pontem” can enjoy access to the meeting room where they can hold their General Meetings or meetings of the Board of Directors.

Companies carrying out commercial activities requiring an office by law, can rent an office space in a business center provided by our partner-company. This business center offers a high level of security, a working desk, PC, copy machine, stationary, free wifi, free coffee and other facilities to let their customers focus on what is important for their business.

*As domiciliation is a strictly regulated activity, we carefully follow our obligations in terms of anti-money laundering.

Mergers and Acquisitions


“Vallis & Pontem” steps in when the customers assess the most important investment decision: acquisition of assets.

While direct acquisitions cause a rather straightforward financial and tax impact, a significant number of acquisitions are made as “share deals” as opposed to “asset deals”. And it is the share deals that require a thorough due diligence, tax planning, conclusion of share purchase agreement with or without a closing period.

That is not to stay that direct acquisitions of fixed assets do not require a thorough approach. In fact “Vallis & Pontem” provides a whole range of Business Consulting regarding the acquisition of real estate.


Following the macroenomic merging trend, “Vallis & Pontem” is fully equipped to assist its customer who wish to merge their companies either by creating a new company or by absorption. Within the scope of merger we prepare the merger plan, interim accounts, management reports, general meetings, publications or advise simplified procedures according to the applicable legislation.


Free markets come with regulation. And we know exactly when, why and how much of that regulation is applicable to our customers.

Business Licenses

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg imposes somewhat light regulation on holding companies (SOPARFI) and family property management companies (SPF).

However when it comes to carrying out commercial activities, e.g. selling goods or services, the company falls into regulation of the Ministry of Economy which grants business permits in the name of responsible directors.

In order to comply with such regulation “Vallis & Pontem” makes sure that a correct application is filed with the right supporting documents and at the right time. And for certain cases our HR services can find a director with the skills and experience perfectly  matching the activities to be carried out.

Registration for VAT

A VAT rate of 17% puts Luxembourg to the top of EU countries with the lowest VAT rates.

Passing a threshold of € 30’000 of annual turnover per years means our customer has to register for VAT. From this moment on, the company has access for reimbursement of VAT, reverse-charge mechanism and other VAT-related rights and obligations.